Parking Regulations

Assigned Parking:

The Association has assigned two parking spaces for each dwelling. Based on common questions that have been brought to the Board’s attention, we note two specific issues:

1. Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked within the community. This includes: any vehicle with a rated carrying capacity of 1,500 pounds (3/4 ton) or more, and any vehicle, regardless of capacity, which displays advertising lettered thereon or which is licensed as a ‘for hire’ vehicle, or which contains visible commercial equipment, including, but not limited to tools, machinery, and ladders.

2. Only minor maintenance such as tire changes, engine tune-ups, washing and waxing, etc., are permitted within Old Mill and may be done only in the authorized parking spaces.

Visitor Parking:

The designated visitor parking spaces shall not be used to park any vehicle for more than 48 hours within any thirty (30) day period, unless arrangements have been made with the Board of Directors. Failure to comply will result in towing of the vehicle without further notice at the owner’s expense.

You can view the parking regulations here: Parking and Vehicle Guidelines